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For Immediate Release: June 4, 2021

Downtown New Yorkers is gratified to hear that the homeless men are returning to their congregate shelters after what has been a yearlong battle with the City and their mismanagement of the homeless crisis.

Our president, Theresa Vitug, stated to the New York Times that we are disappointed by the ruling but relieved that the Lucerne residents were not being moved to an unfit hotel in our neighborhood.

We at DNY have been continuously monitoring the situation. We are happy to have won this battle for our Downtown community in hope it brought safety and a voice to our residents.

As invested, law-abiding taxpayers, we demand that our civic voice be heard. We will not stand quiet in the face of a city administration that would instead take the side of the criminals over anyone else. The City needs to help transients with mental, drug and alcohol issues find a way to a better, more sustainable life instead of just throwing them into unfit shelters, destabilizing residential communities.

Downtown New Yorkers is committed to taking the fight further by continuing the research against the imposed Fair Share policy of permanent shelters in every neighborhood and aiding our partners with the ever-growing pile of issues, including the fight against the voter suppression tactics by certain progressive socialist candidates running on the democratic ticket.

Please continue to help us keep our neighborhood streets safe, clean, and historically intact.

We have your back.

Media contact: [email protected]