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Voting this year has never been so critical to our future. And ranking Maud Maron as #1 will ensure that we can turn a corner on safety, education and small business recovery.


Maud Maron is a public defender, long-time education leader, mother of four and dedicated New Yorker. She is the right choice for downtown Manhattan. Maud is focused on clear, simple, common-sense solutions to the very urgent issues affecting our community:

Clean, safe streets & subways

High-quality, successful schools

Revitalizing small businesses

No Chinatown mega-jail

No police defunding

Dear neighbors,
I have the deep experience to chart a path toward safety, excellence in education and small business recovery.

My more than 20 years as a public defender has taught me to listen, to consider and to advocate for justice.

But there is no justice in gun violence, in fear of our streets and public transportation. There is no justice in bad schools and damaged businesses.

A vote for me is a vote for the return to safety, prosperity and a downtown that is a wonderful place to live and work.

MaudA Letter From Maud Maron