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Danyela Souza Egorov


Danyela Souza Egorov

Democratic Candidate for NY State Senate District 27 (2022)

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Democratic Candidate for NY State Senate District 27 (2022)


Based on your life experiences and accomplishments, explain why you think you are the best suited for the position you are running for.

I have the drive, experience, and proven track record to take bold, decisive action and bring about the results our City needs right now. I have worked in Education and Education Policy for over a decade, and I have also worked in the nonprofit, private, and public sector. My husband and I are raising our children in New York, and we are very grateful for all the opportunities we have had here. Since education was my passport to a better life, I have worked nonstop to deliver quality education for low income children in the City. I even co founded a public charter school in Sunset Park for children who speak English as a second language. I intend to continue delivering results to New York families, while also working to improve public safety and the economy.

What are the top three issues that you would like to tackle if elected?

Public safety, education, and economy

NY State Senate District 27

Public Safety

What steps would you take to address public safety concerns?

I am focused on changing bail reform, while also supporting the NYPD.

Where do you stand on "Bail Reform" measures and do you think it should be expanded to include dangerousness? Why or why not?

Some measures in the law need to be changed, including dangerousness, since it is key to keeping violent criminals and repeat offenders off the streets.

Do you support any changes to the "Raise the Age" law, or do you believe it should remain as is? What are your thoughts?

Yes, I support changes to raise the age, since families and children alike are not feeling safe in school, and I believe minors who commit violent crimes should not endanger their peers in school.

Do you believe the current "Clean Slate" bill is sufficient?

I do not support exclusions and I certainly do not support “clean slate”. I believe these types of offenders are benefitting from bail reform and are the ones causing the most public safety concerns.

Do you believe that Rikers should be closed? Why or why not?

No, I do not believe it should close down. Whoever is deemed a threat to public safety cannot go free until trial. I do believe some conditions in the facilities can and should be improved.

Do you believe that immunization regulations should apply to all children? Why or why not?

I believe in immunization but I am against mandates for Covid vaccines.

Homelessness & Housing

Would you support or sponsor legislation requiring an annual audit of any shelter provider that receives state money to improve transparency and accountability?

Yes, and it is one of the first changes I want to make, since homeless shelters are necessary, but are not executing the way they were meant to, although they are spending six figures per homeless person.

Do you think that New York City should be held accountable for sheltering non-NYC residents?

No, we need to work with other jurisdictions so that we keep a control on our homeless, and better yet, help them get to a place where they can be self sufficient.

Do you think shelter operators should be required to provide on-site treatment and care?

I think we need to evaluate how the organizations that are managing shelters are using state money and judging by the amount they receive, I am certain that it should be required.

Would you support a bill that would prohibit shelter operators from compelling people to leave their premises at any hour of the day?

I would support this bill for public safety purposes and also, for the own shelter residents’ wellbeing.

Do you think that mentally ill persons and MICA shelter residents are better off in the city center or outside of it?

Because of the amount of risk that the city represents for them, they are better off outside of it, but I do not believe relocation should be imposed especially if they have always lived in the city.

Public Health

Do you believe that Kendra's Law should be made permanent? Why or why not?

Yes, since it can help those who may not have family support to undergo assisted outpatient treatment and it also contributes to public safety.

Do you agree that some funding for “mental health” initiatives should be transferred to programs addressing serious mental illness? Why or why not?

Yes, if we are referring to serious mental illness, then we are talking about issues that can have serious repercussions, for the patient, their loved ones, and anyone who comes close to them.

Do you think more hospital beds for mental illness are needed? How many additional beds do you think should be provided?

Not in hospitals, but in a different inpatient program with strong oversight so we can ensure public funds are being properly used.

Do you think city and state employees should be required to get vaccinated? Why or why not?

I think they should get vaccinated, I do not think they should be required to since I don’t believe in mandates for covid vaccines, and other measures can be taken to ensure everyone is safe.

Do you think that mask requirements for COVID19-like pandemics should be implemented? Why or why not?

No, unless we are referring to hospitals, and senior nursing homes, or populations that are at greater risk, there should not be universal mandates, every business should have their own policy.

Do you believe in a universal health care system that is administered by the government?

No, I believe government should approve programs that best serve patients according to their benefits and options.


Do you believe the mayor should have control of New York City schools? Why or why not?

Yes, I believe in mayoral control since it is the best type of oversight we’ve seen for schools in the past.

Do you believe in gifted and talented education? Why or why not?

Yes, I believe it brings opportunity to children from low income families that qualify and also sets a higher standard that allows us to compete, plus it makes gifted and talented students explore their full potential.

Did you advocate for the continued masking of toddlers in New York City daycares and preschools? Why or why not?

No, I advocated against and I have many press appearances that prove it. The infection rate in children is very low and it also impairs their learning, particularly when it comes to reading and speech.

How will you address school violence? Where do you stand on school safety agents?

We need to bring back school safety agents and despite what some may think, families in disadvantaged areas have asked for their return, even citing some incidents started between the students.

There is a teacher shortage in our schools. What can you do to attract more folks to teach?

While there is a teacher shortage, we need to focus on their quality and not the quantity. We need more devoted teachers and we also need to use the budget correctly depending on the amount of students.

Should parents have the option to opt their children out of learning about certain subjects they personally do not agree on?

There should be more school choice option available to fit each individual family’s needs. Parents should always have the final say in their children’s education.

Should parents be held accountable for engaging with schools?

Yes they should, since it creates an atmosphere in which students see that every adult in their lived is committed to their learning.

Do you think critical race theory should be taught in all schools?

No, I believe History and the past injustices in this country should be taught, but not in a way where children think their race will determine who they are.

Do you think education covering gender, identity, and sexual orientation should be taught in all schools? Why or why not? If yes, starting when?

Sexual education should be taught in all schools as long as it is age appropriate, and also Health courses should be focused on highlighting the importance of respect regardless of sexual orientation. It should start in fourth grade.

Small Businesses

Do you support the good cause eviction bill? Why or Why Not?

No, I do not support it, because it affects small property owners, who are mostly immigrants and minorities.

Do you believe there is more that may be done to help small property owners? What would it take to make this happen?

Eliminating good cause eviction and establishing taxes according to their earnings, we cannot expect them to pay the same taxes as big developers.

Are you in favor of a stronger right to terminate tenants who cause problems? Why or why not?

Yes, since it is crucial to public safety, and it is something that is up to each landlord’s discretion.

Do you agree with eliminating background checks for all housing? Why or why not?

Not when it comes to private housing, since it creates a disadvantage for the people who really struggle to pay rent, plus it takes away private owners’ discretion.

Quality of Life

Do you believe that congestion pricing is a good idea? Why or why not?

I think it’s important to have a talk about congestion pricing since too many cars on the streets affect Manhattan residents but it also wouldn’t be fair to set high congestion prices to the people who need to work here. Companies should also be able to provide compensation to employees who pay congestion pricing, a similar benefit such as transit checks.

Do you think that bicyclists should be more accountable for following the rules of the road?

Everyone needs to be accountable, including bicyclists.

Would you favor bike licenses to encourage road safety? What are your thoughts, and why?

Yes, to make them just as accountable as a regular driver, since they need to heed transit laws and we need to watch out for pedestrians’ safety.

What are some of your ideas for reducing noise pollution on city streets?

We need to regulate the more residential areas, and be more flexible on commercial areas such as Midtown. However there should be a set of rules for every district, be it commercial or residential.

Would you support a ban on automobiles on all school blocks in New York City during school hours, when children are walking to and from school?

No, but speed limits and other regulations are very important.

Human Rights

Do you personally, professionally, or both support abortion rights? Have your views on this issue changed? Please explain if so.

I am pro choice personally

Do you personally support same-sex marriage and will you as an elected official? Has your view on this issue evolved? Please explain.

I support same sex marriage and will continue to do so.

Have you ever or do you currently back an LGBTQ+ public official? Please list any openly LGBTQ+ individuals you have previously or presently supported for public office.

This is my first time running for office, so I haven’t had the opportunity.

No, I have not.

Have you ever taken part in a Pride Parade? Which parades have you attended, and how many times?

I watched one with my son three years ago, in 2019.

How many press conferences, demonstrations, marches, and protests in support of LGBTQ+ rights, reproductive choice, and criminal justice reform have you attended?

I have attended at least three demonstrations asking to change bail reform.

Do you think that sex work should be decriminalized?

No, I do not.

Will you work to eliminate public financing for religious institutions? Will you advocate for such a measure, as well as propose it yourself?

Not for the ones managing schools, but I would support eliminating public finance for others. I would listen to my constituents before considering proposing it.

Will you commit to recruiting at least one member of the LGBTQ+ community as a liaison to the community?

Anyone who shows deep commitment to working with communities can be on my team, including members of LGBTQ communities.

Will you commit to including LGBTQ+ people in your team?

Yes, anyone willing to work for our district is welcome to work in my team.

Do you support or oppose the Respect for Marriage Act? Please explain why.

I support it, every tax paying citizen, who is over 18 should marry anyone they choose, and have the same rights.


What policies will you advocate for to protect immigrants and enhance New York as a Sanctuary City?

A legal path to citizenship, a way to speed up the process but within legal means, not illegal.


Will you accept or refuse money from individuals or Political Action Committees affiliated with the real estate, police, and prison unions, or CEOs at corporations supporting the far left or far right agenda?

I would accept donations from individuals and PAC’s, as long as they all know, understand, agree, and support my platform.


Are you a parent raising a child in New York City?

Yes, two sons.

What is your view on non-citizen voting rights?

I advocate for a path to citizenship so that more immigrants can vote and live here.

Do you believe in raising taxes or lowering them? Why or why not?

We do not need to raise taxes right now, especially with inflation, we need to use our state budget correctly, and we need to keep out tax base in New York, not push them out.

Which candidate did or do you publicly support in the Democratic primary for office in the following races? — A) NYC Mayor of 2021 B) President in 2016 and 2020 C) Governor and Lt. Governor in 2022.

a)Eric Adams b)Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden c)Tom Suozzi and Diana Reyna

Do you agree to use DNY's branding on all literature and electronic materials where you list endorsements if you receive our recommendation?


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