We are neighbors banded together to advocate for a safer downtown New York and devote ourselves to upholding the integrity of our neighborhood.

Deeply embedded in the streets of Downtown New York beats a thriving pulse of our history, from new beginnings, revivals, social movements, and the capital of our global economy. Downtown New Yorkers are strong people, who have remained so throughout great crisis. We find ourselves in crisis once more, not only from the devastating impact of COVID-19 on our economy, but also in how this has translated into concerns of safety and security in our own neighborhood & the growing distrust in the elected officials who have failed us. 

It is no secret that the city has long used empty hotels as homeless shelters, most recently and famously the Lucerne Hotel. This failed experiment resulted in deeply rooted concerns and fears that have traveled beyond the original uptown location, and quickly into other neighborhoods across our great city. We are more than disappointed that our elected officials quietly allowed the transition of this experiment into a permanent fixture on historic Wall Street without any notification, collection of input, or other reasonable considerations for what this means to our community. As a result, downtown New Yorkers are finding themselves in the company of more questions than answers. 

With great compassion and recognition of the need for sustainable solutions to fit the homeless community’s unique needs, bouncing already displaced persons from neighborhood to neighborhood and hotel to hotel, while doing so with deceitfulness and secrecy to our neighbors is not a sustainable solution. Furthermore, the events and crime that garnered national attention uptown are not welcome here, and we will not stand for this. 

We are banded together to protect the integrity and safety of our neighborhood. Our men, women, and children, of all ages, races, genders, and backgrounds, deserve better. New Yorkers deserve better. Join us.